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Hi everyone! Hope the week is going well for everyone!

This week hasn’t been the best for me for a few reasons.

Just yesterday, a member of my family told me something extremely hurtful: “You aren’t trying hard enough to find a job.” We argued a little. I slammed the door and left the room.

I also found out yesterday that I have a potentially serious problem with my ear that I need to get checked out.

The thought crossed my mind: “I’m running out of time. Why can’t I find myself a job?”

I took both of those facts pretty hard.

I feel like I need to get this issue off my chest in a constructive way:

We are all human beings. We all have different sets of circumstances we have to cope with. Just because someone is different than you are or performs certain tasks in a different way doesn’t make them wrong. There is no need to shout at or ridicule anyone for living their lives.

We all move forward in the best way we know how. There is no such thing as “not enough”. Each person does the best they can do with the circumstances they are dealing with.

Also, trying to point out the faults in others gets you nowhere. Publicly criticizing people does nothing to help increase their performance or well being.

It is my belief that people respond the most to being positive. Instead of shouting at your child for being difficult, give them a hug and tell them everything will be okay. Instead of berating your spouse for not doing something, offer to give him/her a hand.

The best cure of all is always a smile! Don’t be afraid to smile and wave at strangers. They will often return the smile!

So, this week, try not to let the negativity get you down. Smile and count your blessings. Lend a hand to those who are having trouble. We are all humans and we all need a helping hand once in a while!

To end, I am writing a poem inspired by this post:


Scribble on my mind

you with unlimited time

Diffuse the silly banter

the useless pantomimes


What is your soul

it is but a synthesis

of scars


and bereaved feathers

of a sacred memory



So come find me


so fraught with muses


and false accusers


the henna strands

of your fair hair

remind me of so

so long ago

Where time was the only answer

and not in demand


What the hell am I now?

a stranded shambolic shell?

Why can’t you take my hand

and make my world well?



closer is the contentment

you forgot you could caress

with your cotton fingers

and loving lips


so lovely


Why are there cracks

in every single space

fill them with what I lack

encase me

embrace me

and give me your grace


So what?

Pagan I may be

but would that matter

if you looked at me?


A decanter for my heart

don’t lose it on me now

drink up



and with satisfaction.


Close your eyes and swallow

and may it fill our souls so hollow.