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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer here, which means parties and endless fun in the sun for a lot of people.

Why is it that summer seems to be a season of new adventures? This seems to be the time of vacations but also relaxing.

No one ever got anywhere by staying completely still. There are times where we must take action and fight. There are also times when life doesn’t go as planned. When this happens, people tend to make excuses. “I would have done this IF ONLY…” “I can’t do this because…”

We cannot accept second best. We must be like a wolf and take charge. We are not too young, too old, too inexperienced, or too lazy to do anything. Imagine yourself doing your dream job if you don’t have it already. Imagine how much joy you would feel if you had this job.

You could be doing this job. However, it is so easy to become bogged down by the agents of fear that infect our everyday lives. You are stronger than the fear. Let your inner wolf stomp out that fear! You can become who you want to be!

Courage is not limited to a select few. Everyone possesses inner strength. It is up to you to summon this strength and go forth!

Don’t be afraid. The light and love of the universe will be your guide.

To end, I will write a poem inspired by this post:


My alkaline soul

Strained by higher vibrations

Not even a vacation

can make this life whole


Only the dust

diffused by my trust

can ever see the light

emitted by my inner fright


the canine’s sweat

the butcher‘s breath

crossing my mind

as beams of regret


Just vitiate my growth

Take away my stride

It’s not like I’m left

with any sense of pride


In my endless insomnia

construct me another

Perhaps this one will be

a long lost brother

in the cruel games

of life