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Hi everyone! I hope the summer or winter is treating you all well so far!

I have no inspiration for this blog post, so I wanted to make this about something happy and positive to fill the void.

We all have some moments of our life that we cannot forget: those moments when life is just so awesome and wonderful that it cannot be forgotten.

One of those moments came for me in the autumn of 2012. I was a junior in college then. I had gotten word that His Holiness the Dalai Lama was coming to speak at my college.

I couldn’t believe it. I went to a no name college in the middle of nowhere, and he was coming to speak! I knew right away that I had to go because I would never have such a opportunity again.

I found three of my family members who expressed interest, and we stood in line for a few hours to buy the tickets. There were so many people in line that the line stretched out the doors and up the staircases!

When our turn finally came, we were able to snag four tickets: two for each day he was scheduled to speak. My college had a drawing for the remaining tickets, and we were able to snag two more tickets for each day that way!

Dalai Lama 1

This sand mandala was set up in a different room before he was scheduled to speak. I managed to get a few shots before it got too crowded.

Dalai Lama 2

After the two days ended, the sand from this was  poured into the water around my college 🙂

The event itself was nothing short of amazing. Several monks performed a chant before His Holiness spoke. I felt at such ease during that moment. I couldn’t explain why, but I felt so light during that moment. I knew I was in a sacred place.

When His Holiness spoke, I wrote down as much as I could so I didn’t miss a moment. I had to write a poem about this afterwards after all!

I can’t remember his exact words two years later, but what I remember most was his infectious laughter. The entire audience erupted with laughter whenever he laughed.

He was so humble and loving that it was impossible to feel sad. Though the event wasn’t long, I felt as if I had been there for a long time. I became so immersed in his words that time didn’t matter to me in those moments.

I think it was the experience of seeing him speak that made me realize that we all have the potential to be very loving and sacred people. Life is short, and we all have much to offer. Sure we may be bogged down by stress or hardships, but it is only temporary. Light will prevail if our hope is strong.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive

-His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

My aunt who attended with me saw me jotting notes. She asked to borrow my pen and scribbled a note in the side of the margins for me. She wrote down a title for my poem: “Pocket Full of Happiness”.

So now I present my poem to you:

“Pocket Full of Happiness”


Excitement, rapturous attention

Eager faces look on

Speaking from his heart

The fullness is apparent


Laughter spreads like an infection

What a treat it is

To be lighter than air

Absorbing the sacred energy


Grains of color bless the water

The flower breaks apart

Built and destroyed by loving hands

But still very much alive


Life, so fleeting and mysterious

Do not be afraid

Strength does not come from fear

only from within


Humanity, distanced from itself

The chains of weakness tight

No one else can melt them

Only you can break them apart


I don’t want this post to be only about my experience, though. Was were the greatest moments in your life?