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Hello everyone!

In most cases, it seems that people have a built in instinct to run and hide when life becomes most difficult.

This has always been the case for me. I’ve always had to try and work the problems out myself because talking to others was always so hard.


As an adult, I have learned that it is best not to hide from people. Even though we might complain about how unintelligent humanity might be or how mankind is going downhill, we cannot forget one important fact:

Humans are all connected. We are all born and we all die. Even though we all come from different cultures and backgrounds, we all share the experience of being human.

For reasons I don’t understand, my mind tends to gravitate towards images of a tree when I feel stuck in life. It is always a large, towering tree that I am sitting under.

Perhaps the tree is trying to impart hidden knowledge to me. Or perhaps it is trying to tell me to spread my roots to other places. I don’t know the answer, but I always feel a stronger sense of connection when these visions come to me.

It is up to all of us to provide the ones we love with protection and kindness. In turn, they will spread that kindness wherever they go. Love perpetuates love.

If we end up reaching out to people, it turns out most of them actually end up being pretty nice! The ones that aren’t nice are probably the ones that don’t value us.

So don’t forget to be kind. Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while!

To end my post, I will post a short poem:

Ancient darkness

Lasting light

perpetually silence

the endless blight


Only with the awakening

the door will come

no longer can we stop

the power to run


Happy curses

and dismantled hurses

this wicked power

brings forth the flowers


Spectral wishes

and candle fire

bring new life

to this

a live wire


Seek and destroy

I am still here

not very near

is the wisdom you hear


Dawn light

wake up

and see the way

of a lightened day