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Each day, humanity seems to move about in a very erratic way, toting around fears that have been gained through years of living.

It is understandable that we would all be afraid of something we don’t know. However, sometimes the facts we do know can be the most scary.

The truth hurts sometimes. A lot of people spend the time convincing themselves that there is only one truth. They cannot handle alternate viewpoints or an earth shattering fact that makes them crash. Knowing that we made mistakes or that we failed to see the truth can be devastating.

So we spend our time backing away from life. Each fiber of our being directs us to hide from the truth when in fact, we probably haven’t seen the truth at all.

In my own life, I have spent so much time hiding from people. I used to convince myself that all people were awful because a select few people in my life were unkind to me. I barely speak at all, and when I do, I choose my words carefully. The sheer pressure of trying to be perfect in the face of others leaves me exhausted. I always feel like I am saying the wrong words or doing the wrong thing. In essence, I have become afraid of verbally interacting with others.

My brain tells me that this is not healthy. It tells me to go out and live a little. I guess my brain doesn’t always realize how difficult that sounds.

At some point, we must also realize that every little nook and cranny eventually falls into place. All those trials and adventures we have to endure all have a meaning. Even the fear, once so crippling and scary, has a purpose in shaping who we are. As we age, we can look back at that fear and look at how it changed us and motivated us.

In my life, my fear of verbal speaking has led me to communicate via other means. I now tell myself that while I may not be the best at speaking out loud, I am a good writer. I communicate very well via written word, and I should consider this one of my strengths.

If something is making you afraid, look at the worst possible outcome. Most of the outcomes are so ridiculous and unlikely that it would feel silly to be afraid of them. Take a fresh step and know that the hope you carry has a much more powerful effect than fear ever will.

For those who are afraid of something, I wish you all well. Don’t let the fear destroy you, because you are worth so much more than that.

My poem this week is inspired by this post:

An ethereal malady

So torturous to the soul

Has left me hollow

Right down to my soles

that walk towards

that brand new hole


Such sentimentality

Fundamental to our life

and yet

what is living

without some kind of fight


A new found grudge

edges in so deeply

through the sorrows we trudge

and the miseries we keep


the coveted linen

of the purest white

Will not erase

the ancient fright


Shall we then recover

those buried lockets?

What will we discover

in our buried pockets?


We can only find the keys

in our weathered knees

and our feathered hearts

strung together in parts


The truth is this

all shall wilt

But that doesn’t mean

that something is amiss


Each silver shell

Will leave a mark

With tempered words

wishing us well.