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Hello everyone!

I wanted to write this post because there a lot of instances in which people seem to think that there is one correct way to do something.

When I was in college, I once had a poetry professor who told me that one of my poems was wrong because it was too abstract and that it didn’t have any feeling. I don’t recall that he ever truly liked anything I wrote.

See, I think the worst thing that you can tell someone, especially a child, is that they aren’t doing it right. Or that their ideas are wrong.

Inside each person is a fountain of ideas waiting to break free. You cannot tell someone that they aren’t correct because we all function differently.

After that college class ended, I wrote my poetry however I felt like. And guess what? I felt better. I’m not going to lie to please someone else.

Look at all the great innovators and inventors throughout history. They didn’t bend to someone else’s desires. They didn’t listen to all people who ridiculed them and made them feel lesser. They laughed in the face of their tormentors as they followed their calling with dignity.

In the same way, we can all accomplish our dreams if we go our own way. No one else knows what’s best for us. We must go forth to our own footsteps. We must do what we feel we must even when others tell us it is foolish. Because life happens when we stay true to ourselves.

Lately, I’ve just been writing poetry based on how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been writing a lot since I haven’t been feeling the greatest. To end my post this week, I will post one of my recent poems:

Is it a mortal sin
to want to begin again?

Buried within
sitting on the head of a pin
is the desire
to bring myself higher
But destroyed by the fire
my situation is dire

To fragile words I cling
Happiness it will not bring
but I slaver away
in hopes of a better today