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Hi everyone!

I will admit, I do a lot of thinking. Usually, it is to try and sort out all my problems or to make sense of everything that is going on.

While it is probably inevitable that humans are taken over by thought at points in their lives, it is not healthy to obsess over each thought.

For most of my adult life, I have prayed to find clarity. I have prayed for answers to come. I prayed that I can at least get some kind of inkling as to how to release myself from the mess of feelings that I struggle with. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong.

But the truth is that the more I struggle with it, the worse it is becoming. I try to resist my thoughts and feelings as if they are something that can be stopped.

The real answer to the problem, and one that is near impossible for me to do, is to just let it happen. Don’t try to resist it. Don’t try to change it. Observe it for what it is.

In life, we are usually our biggest enemy. We are usually the ones to stop ourselves from moving forward. For me, this is because I assume that others think poorly of me. I tell myself to stop trying or that I will never get anywhere. I’m stuck in perpetual unknowingness.

At some point, we must reach a point where we no longer care what others think of us. We must move forward knowing the risks it will take. We must move forward despite all odds and claim our dreams/happiness.

It’s odd, because the more I write these feelings out in my post, the more convinced I am becoming that I already know all the answers deep down. Therefore, I must find a way to stop the feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty from bogging me down.

It may take a lifetime to erase the negativity, but as with all things, it starts with baby steps. It is my hope that everyone reading may undo the bonds that keep them from moving forward so that you can all go forth towards your dreams! 🙂

As with most of my posts, I am going to end my post with a poem I wrote:

Perhaps there is a way out.
But perhaps there isn’t.
Who’s to know?
There isn’t a clear answer
of which way to go.

The spoken words
and tying binds
take apart
what we will find
inside the rust

Opportunities lost
and options gain
from doors left closed
from destruction’s refrain