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Hi everyone!

Truth be told, I struggled with ideas for what to write for this week’s post since nothing much has been happening in my life lately.

As I was thinking of what to write just now, a thought crossed my mind: “Maybe I should read a bunch of other blog posts this week to get inspiration for what to write.”

I will admit, this has sometimes helped me in the past. However, a second thought came and struck down my first thought: “The bloggers you follow are all great writers, no doubt. But imitating another is a disservice to your own writing skills.”

My own writing skills? Is this a voice of reason trying to tell me something? Or am I just crazy?

And so, with that said, I wanted to delve into the topic in mind: We are our own limitation.

I’ve always grown up hearing from family and teachers that I am a good writer. They always told me that I should consider being a writer. Every fiber of my being tried to fight what they told me. I wanted to go my own way. I didn’t want to fit into someone else’s mold.

In college, I stopped trying to fight my identity as “writer”. I realized that it is what I naturally gravitated towards anyway.

However, my faith was wavering because my writing didn’t feel special anymore. I felt below everyone else in skill. At the best I felt I was just on par, I didn’t feel like my writing was anything worth bragging about. I saw my fellow writing majors receiving special recognition for their writing while I was left in the dust.

I tried submitting a short story of mine to a magazine once. It was rejected. All part of the process, but it still stings.

If we continue on believing that we aren’t destined for greatness, we will never see greatness. We will be stuck, wallowing in indecisiveness or unhappiness. We may look up to other people and thinking “Man, he/she has it good. I wish I could be like him/her.”

We cannot be another person. They had to face different circumstances than we did. By comparing ourselves to someone else, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

If something or someone is making you miserable, cut that out of your life. There is no need to live in “just getting by” mode. Live life knowing that you are doing the best you can do in the circumstances you are faced with. If someone is doing better than you are, then so what? Don’t stress out if you didn’t get that promotion or pay raise. The others around you may not necessarily think so, but if you do the best you can do every day, then you will be rewarded for that in the long run. Don’t let fear or doubt ruin your perceptions.

As someone who is relatively new to the working world, I have to say that it’s difficult to hang on sometimes. Without the hope that everything will work out, I would be lost. This is only temporary. Everything will work out, even if that means finding a different job.

So that’s that. I’m tempted to look elsewhere for inspiration for writing the poem for the end of my post, but I won’t this time! I’ll just write and see how it turns out 🙂 Have a great week everyone.


Falling stars perhaps

or just another mishap

another failed mission

adds to the nervous condition


In undue time

life will be a crime

the weak won’t survive

and the ideas will all die


the mouth of the machine

is not what it seems

for alone I must crush

my weakness to dust


Dust, debris, and dirt

the sacred bones of Earth

will not hear my cries

so muffled and disguised


crossing beams of light

lost in the whispers of night

Only in the cold

have I ever grown so old.