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Hello again everyone!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take the time to really focus on something I am thankful for, even though Thanksgiving is now over.

I’m going to be honest with you all, it’s incredibly hard to do this lately because depression has been kicking the stuffing out of me (no pun intended). So I will try my best to make this post positive 🙂

In my mind, I always struggle to find a reason as to why something happened. I have to have a concrete reason in my mind. I can’t just not know or else it will bother me to no end.

In all my fear and uncertainty, I have tried to boil down the common denominators, the root cause of all my anguish.

And sure enough, time and time again one of the common denominators is always other people.

There have been several times in my life where I have been yelled at or criticized for asking for help. Interacting with people like this only made me want to go hide in a corner. The greatest results are only achieved by nurturing someone and helping them grow.

But also, there are always people who are more than willing to help out because they are kind and loving. These people are truly special. Keep these people very near and dear to your heart.

While we would probably all prefer to have the nice people around at all times, it is the mean spirited people who test us the most.

If we erased every single mean statement, every traumatic event, every person who pushed us down, we would not be who we are. These people and events tested us and dared us to push ourselves past the anguish to come out stronger.

The nice people are just as important, because it is the nice ones who love us for who we are. They understand that life hurts and are right by your side to work through it.

So I mainly wanted to make this post to say that I am thankful for other people. This probably sounds strange coming from someone with social anxiety, but it’s true. I realize now that other people shape us and push us to become our best selves. We cannot get far in life without others by our side. It is up to us to cherish the ones who we love.

Okay, since I’m quite tired and my brain isn’t at full capacity, I’m just going to post a few random thoughts for the end of my post. Take care everyone 🙂

Starry nights

and earthly frights

cannot see

the small delights


Upon us now

the new age is coming

wondering how

we step forward

to the beat

of the phantom drumming


I cannot see

what it can all be

perhaps the beginning

all starts with me.