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Hello everyone!

So this week, I am going to tackle a thought that entered my mind suddenly today: What does it really mean to see?

I’m not really talking about physically being able to see because there is so much that we cannot see with our eyes.

I thought about what it is that I am not seeing in my life that is preventing me from achieving my goals.

It’s interesting because the more I tend to think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like I am trying to make sense out of something that isn’t supposed to make sense. And my mind always tries to find ways to make something understandable. Perhaps this is why I am so frustrated.

So perhaps to truly see something means that we have to let go of everything we think we know and just let it happen.

I tend to tell myself that we cannot always trust what we see because we are only human and may think we see something that we don’t actually see. I feel like seeing with your eyes is limiting in this way. You may read something someone says about you online and take it the wrong way. Then your brain may trick you into thinking that this person hates you when in reality they were having a bad day and regret having said that about you.

I tend to go with what my gut instinct tells me over what my eyes are telling me. My gut instinct has never steered me wrong so far 🙂

I think that we have been so conditioned to think in certain ways that we often cannot see that there are an endless amount of possibilities.

I have to keep reminding myself that the universe and everything in it is a mystery. There is an endless amount to learn. If you think you know everything, you are always proven wrong.

So even though I’m trying to learn what it means to really see, I will probably never find out the answer. I may think I know at some point, but as always, there are an endless amount of answers. I think that’s the fun of it!

To be honest, I’m struggling to decide what to include at the end of my post this week. So I’m just going to end it this week with a final parting thought:

If we are not kind to ourselves and see only failure in our path, then all we will experience is failure. If we see that we are so much different than everyone else, then we will spend our lives feeling separated. When we express kindness to ourselves and others, then we will understand that man is not really so different after all. Success stems from the fact that we are willing to put aside our perceived differences to help someone else achieve their dreams.