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Hello everyone!

Every time I think of something or why it is the way it is, my mind never comes any closer to a solution. I eventually have to settle on the fact that it probably isn’t supposed to make sense. The phrase that comes to mind as I am typing this is “the universe is nonsense”. (I mean that in an endearing way, of course. The universe is beautifully mysterious!)

A question I have been struggling with for my entire life is “Why am I here?”

I think most people struggle with that. The answer seems so obvious to some. But for people like me, we slog through life wondering where that answer will come from. We go down one avenue only to wish we were somewhere else or wishing we had the resources to pursue something else.

Believe me when I say that I spend a lot of free time praying for guidance. I constantly get frustrated because I have no leads as to what I feel I’m supposed to be doing. And I also get mad that all the answers are probably right in front of me, yet I am too oblivious to interpret them.

But as with everything, I don’t think that my life’s path is supposed to be clear. It may already be written. Or it might not be. Perhaps I must find the path one step at a time.

Cycling through all the jobs one could possibly have in my mind doesn’t help either, because I just can’t see myself doing any of them. Am I supposed to be something no one has ever heard of? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

So, I am currently accepting the reality that it isn’t supposed to make sense to me. Maybe I am just trying too hard. Maybe everything is going as planned by not knowing. I know that in time, events will happen which will make everything more clear. I must keep moving forward with these facts in mind.

And so that leads me to the end of my post. I think I will post another poem this week. Have a great week everyone.


Pushing the way

towards another day

is the fragile mind

leaving the past behind


Because what is today

without a yesterday?

A century?

A week?

A truth we cannot seek?


No matter the cost

the wanderer is always lost

Perhaps he will fall

Probably not so bad at all


Her faded lights

so abundant at night

flicker and wave

her guidance he craves


and so he walks

a forgotten soul

finally finding

his long lost role