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Hello again everyone!

To be honest, I felt that last week’s post about love was missing something. I wanted to elaborate on it a little more this week.

This week’s post comes to you a day late again for a specific reason:

Yesterday was a very hard day for me to go through. It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday, which is normally a cause for celebration, but we instead celebrated it with much tears and heartbreak.

Yesterday morning, my beloved golden retriever passed away. It all happened so fast that my brain is struggling to process it. In the course of a few days, her health declined rapidly.

Today I found myself wanting to hug her and just snuggle with her, but of course, I could not.

Before I continue on, I wanted to tell you all a little more about her:

I’ve had her since I was 9 or 10. I felt like I grew up with her. She loved people very much, and seemed to have separation anxiety whenever one of us wasn’t home. She seemed to smile whenever one of us was walking onto the porch where she waited so patiently.

When we weren’t looking, she often had a mischievous side to her: she often wandered where she wasn’t supposed to or tried to steal food when we weren’t looking.

She died at age 14, and I felt her adventurous spirit led to her long life.

Though I am having difficulty processing the fact that she is no longer here, I think that her death has taught me something.

Of course, some of the first thoughts that went through my mind were “I didn’t do enough for her” and “I wish I could have been there for her more”.

But now I realize that we all did the best we could for her. I eventually had a feeling like everything was OK and that she was watching over my family.

I never actually realized how many people she brought together. I feel that in her absence, we are all closer together.

I thought that perhaps that was her purpose in life: to bring my family closer together.

I think she taught all of us how to be more loving and compassionate. She also taught me that we should all smile, regardless of how bad the situation may be.

I hope my sweet Angel can rest in peace now. It brings me some small comfort to know that at least she is not suffering anymore.

I was going to write a poem for the end of my post, but to be honest, I am struggling to hold back tears as I am writing all this. I think a poem will have to wait.

Hopefully I will have more positive news to report next week! Have a great week everyone.