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This post is inspired by this challenge by Opinionated Man.

Because I’m super paranoid, I don’t want to share the specific name of the town I live in.

So about Connecticut… I’m not even entirely sure where to begin.

It’s a common stereotype that everyone in Connecticut is extremely rich. It’s true that there are a few towns where rich people tend to live. But the truth is, Connecticut has one of the highest income inequalities in the nation (I think it may even be the highest)!

Sure some places in CT get lots of attention: you may have heard of Hartford, Danbury, New Haven, or Greenwich. My town is not one of those towns.

I live in a tiny town with no schools and no shopping malls. There is no entertainment to be had here, for that we go to the next town over (and even then there aren’t any shopping malls there either).

Fun fact: we only have one cell phone provider here, and when the power goes out, we don’t get any service at all.

We have a few restaurants some other stores here, but that’s about it. Our fire department, post office, and our only general store were all located right next to each other for many years.

The only selling point of my small town is that there is gorgeous scenery.

Ducks in a snowy backyard

A picture of my backyard. That’s two ducks sitting on top of the snow. I thought it was funny so I snapped a picture.

My town is a great place to take walks. Since there’s usually not a lot of traffic here, I can safely walk on the road without fear of cars hitting me. I almost always pass others who are also walking or biking. I especially love the scenery in the spring when the flowers grace us with their lovely presence (that can’t come soon enough right now)!

Living in such a small town has taught me one important lesson: it’s important to stop and appreciate what’s around you. To be honest, I can’t even imagine living anywhere else outside of the northeastern US because the weather and seasons are so drastically different.

I like to take walks when I crave quiet time. This has taught me to stop and breathe, because the problems I face are only temporary. Plus, nature is so comforting all the time.

Well, I think that’s about all I have to say about where I live. Thanks for reading!