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Hello everyone!!!

This week’s post is inspired by this post.

To be honest, hard work is something I’ve always struggled with. When I was younger, I always hated helping my parents around the house because I saw no point in doing so. They would always get mad at me as a result.

As I progressed through school, I never put any extra efforts in to succeed. I never needed to study because I always got pretty good grades. I never joined clubs or activities outside school. At a distance, I silently judged the “overachievers” for working themselves to death. I viewed work as something harmful.

See, I think that in the Western world, we tend to associate hard work with financial success. That is definitely a part of it, but there is so much more to it than that. To me, financial success means nothing if you are miserable.

It makes me sad to say that I feel like working is just engrained in the American psyche. I think I read a statistic that said 85% of Americans are unhappy in their jobs*. That’s A LOT of miserable people!

Therefore, I think that it is vital to find what I dub “the real work”: finding your happiness and finding yourself.

I think that “the real work” is the hardest work of all. I feel like we’re taught by various sources that we’re not perfect and won’t be unless we have a specific job or look a specific way.

I think I also read a statistic that said 2/3 of Americans struggle with Depression at some point in their lives*. I can definitely see why…

Even though we spend our childhoods going to school, we aren’t always taught how to find happiness in all of it. We’re taught how to “succeed”, but not how to stop and take a good look at ourselves. We’re taught how to take tests, but not how to apply that to finding what we love to do.

After having a bad day yesterday, I came to realize something. I have depression, but it is not what defines me. Even though I’ve been struggling to “beat it”, I feel like it won’t happen unless I take risks or do something everyone else would deem crazy. Even though I’m uncertain about a lot of things, I know I won’t move forward unless I practice making myself happy.

Speaking of risks, we all need to take them. If there’s something you’ve been dying to do but haven’t been able to, then just do it. Who cares if you can’t afford it? Chances are you’ll be better off for having done it.

Alright, that’s about it for this week.

I hope everyone has a great week. Don’t work yourselves too hard!

*These statistics I mentioned are pulled from my memory. Do not quote them as fact.

I feel like today is a poem kind of day, so I’ll post a poem ūüôā

It’s okay

to be scared

we are all scarred

it’s just who we are

but the others

they just don’t see

that’s it okay

to be me

dollar signs

align their eyes

so set in their ways

miserable are their days

so then they must

spread the sadness

resigned to the fact

that they are in madness

Step aside friend

and light the way

for work is not the end

of all your pleasant days

if you just learn

for our heart’s need to yearn

for where the truth lies

it’s already in our eyes