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Hello again everyone!

This week’s post is based on this post.

I feel that there are a lot of times in life when we think we aren’t undergoing any kind of change since we can’t see it.

However, something I am starting to learn is that change sometimes happens at a microscopic level. The change may be so small that we may fail to notice it at first.

Any turning points in our lives may come all at once or may do so subtly and life never ends up the same.

In my own life, I’ve had two major turning points within the past five years.

The first turning point was during college when I embarked on my weight loss journey. It’s funny because this journey was something that just kind of happened. I had a former online friend encouraging me along the way and it felt great. My family began commenting on how great I looked. I lost over 100 pounds.

It’s strange, because I feel like I am not that person who lost all that weight anymore. I’ve reached a point where I no longer lose weight. I don’t even consistently work out anymore.

The next turning point happened about a year ago when I graduated from college. When I was going to school, I always saw it as my life’s purpose to finish school. I had no plans after I actually finished.

It took me three months to find a job. I took the first job that hired me, desperate to pave a new purpose in my life.

It’s been close to a year since I first got hired. I remember praying that someone would hire me, because I was starting to lose hope. Right after I prayed that, I got a phone call from my now manager. I felt like this job was meant to be. I’m still trying to figure out why though.

I must say, working has taught me a lot. It also feels like I am missing a lot of things in my life, like there is so much I should be going out and doing. I still have no plans as to what to do beyond working at this job.

I know that it is so easy to be hard on myself for not knowing what to do with my life. However, I have to remind myself that there’s a whole lot of people who also don’t know what to do with their lives.

So if we feel like life isn’t changing, or that it isn’t changing fast enough, we mustn’t fret. It’s the little things that build up into the greatest events in life.

Well, that’s about it from me this week. Don’t give up, and you can get through anything!