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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

My post this week is partially based on this post.

This week, I decided to try something new, a sort of desperate move to figure out the grander scheme of my life.

I decided to try fasting after reading an article about the meaning behind Ramadan.

My plan seemed solid: fast for a few days and see what happens.

My original goal was 3-4 days. Unfortunately, I only lasted for a day and a half.

The results were not what I expected. I actually felt hyper and kind of giddy. I forget I was hungry most of the time.

I just feel kind of ashamed that I couldn’t meet my goal. There is always next time though! ūüôā

My purpose behind this endeavor was that I would learn something and get closer to understanding how to move forward.

This experience taught me how important it is to set goals. I have never been a goal oriented person, and my life has been at a standstill as a result.

I wish and hope for so much, but nothing changes if I don’t put action behind my words!

If I had a choice, I would rather be at a place of understanding, a place where uncertainty would stop consuming every waking thought.

I would rather stop worrying about every little thing that happens.

But I know I cannot change if I continue to follow patterns that aren’t working.

And so the struggle continues…

The more I think about all this, the more I realize that I really don’t know anything at all and I’m just driving myself crazy trying to find all the answers.

Behind the haze is always the true light. It is up to each of us to uncover it in our own way.

If we keep staying behind the haze, aren’t we just selling ourselves short?

Well, that’s about it from me this week. Remember that it’s perfectly OK to change up your life a little sometimes.

Before I end, I will post a short poem:

What can these hands
About knowledge
And distant lands?

I can never see
What they want
From me
Can’t they ever
Just let me be?

Who is the judge
Of thoughts that
Will not budge
Is it you
I don’t have a clue

A combination of colors
So comely I see
A continuing sea
Of something so free

All I can do
Is try to make sense
Of all the majesty
That comes forth hence

Through you
The world is only blue

When I bleed
The world cannot grieve

This is the way
At least for today.