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Hello everyone!

This week’s post is based on this post.

I will admit, when I hear the word “redemption”, I tend to think of Hollywood movies where the main character seeks revenge for the loss of a friend or loved one. I’ve always seen it as a negative idea because it fights violence with violence.

However, I think there is a such thing as positive redemption.

When a large group of people collectively work together for positive change, something miraculous happens.

This group of people may have endured many hardships for several reasons, but refuse to let their suffering defeat them.

I feel that larger worldly problems can only be solved in such a way. On the same vein of thought, a lot of our parents and grandparents think that it is up to the next generation to solve the biggest problems. In my opinion, there is a lot of logic in that line of thinking.

But redemption also delves deeper than that. I believe that the true redemption comes when we face ourselves.

When we can conquer our fears and worries, when we can stand tall and proud, that is the best redemption of all.

Last night, I had an interesting vision enter my mind as I was trying to sleep:
I was at my place of work and it was completely dark. I was a skeleton. At one point, I put my hand on a grill and my hand turned completely black. Even though no one else was there, everything was a huge mess.

I constantly stress and worry about every little thing in every aspect of my life sometimes. I feel that I must take everything upon myself or else it won’t get done.

But guess what? We cannot do everything ourselves. It is only by facing fear that we can reach the other side. In my own life, I realize that perhaps I must be burned in order to get through my fear of relying on others. But I must get through it.

There is a life without fear, and we all must strive to reach it, no matter the cost.

Well, that’s about all from me this week. Please don’t forget to be kind yourself.
Have a great week everyone!