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Hello everyone!

Lately, I’ve had lots of time to think about things. I’ve thought about how I am not a student anymore and am still working the same job. I’ve felt down for not doing anything else productive.

However, it’s normal to feel like something is missing in life. It’s just up to us to find out whatever it is we are supposed to find.

In that same light, a lot of people feel as if they they have that special someone that is their other half: whether it be a significant other, a pet, a child, or something else.

It’s true that having that other half in your life can add a lot. However, a lot of people also feel as if life is incomplete without this entity to fill in the empty spaces.

I’ve been learning the hard way that we must first come to peace with ourselves. We can’t rely on someone to do this for us.

When I grew up, I always felt that my dog was a part of me. I watched her grow up with me. She was always smiling and looked at peace. However, now that she has passed on, I must learn to be strong, for her sake. Seeing TV commercials with dogs still triggers feelings of loss.

Self appreciation is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome, but it is up to us and no one else. Be proud of who you are. Take pride in how far you have come.

And lastly, always be kind, both to yourself and others. The world can only become stronger through acts of kindness!

Well, that’s about it from me today.
Have a great week everyone.