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Hello everyone!

The concept of stillness often seems like an illusion in today’s busy world. However, it doesn’t have to be so illusive.

It’s so easy to think thoughts like: “Today was a bad day because…” “I let this person down because…” “If only I had done this differently, then…”

We blame ourselves when something goes wrong and analyze what we should have done.

The truth is, there will always be good days and there will always be bad days.
When you have a few spare moments, sit and breathe. Be still. Push those negative thoughts away.

When I’m at home and trying to calm down, I always turn to painting or working out to relieve stress. Something artistic or creative is great at taking the mind away from those negative thoughts.

There is just so much more to life than feeling upset or stressed all the time. I believe that there can be happiness found in every moment if we stop long enough to find it.

Because after all, we must keep doing everything we can to find our happiness. And only we know what makes us happy.

So on this lovely day, take some extra time to yourself. Enjoy that cup of tea or coffee. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you look great. Be kind to yourself! Be still if something bad comes and love yourself always.

That’s about it from me this week! Have a great week everyone ūüôā