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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is based on this post.

For the past week or so, I’ve been feeling extremely unbalanced. My energy is just not there and I feel under the weather.

Usually I don’t really pay much attention to how I’m feeling (big mistake), but this week has just made everything feel like a colossal effort.

A lot of times, people have their lives consumed by their job. The stresses of the work day will make them angry, irritable, and generally not happy. Work is all they have to look forward to every day.

If so many people are doing a job that they do not love, it is only natural that they would be so unhappy!

Which is why there is such a need for balance. If we could all do one new thing every day, imagine how different we would feel:

-Imagine walking or taking a different route to work.

-Grab a different coffee/tea/beverage than you would normally drink.

-Take some time to cook yourself a hearty and delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all of the above!)

But most of all, do what you love to do. Unleash that inner creativity and create everything you can, even if it’s as simple as doodling on sticky notes in the office 🙂

I know that when I set aside time to create something, I feel as if a huge wave of anxiety is washed away. I no longer feel stress or worry when I’m in the midst of making something.

“Oh, but that all sounds so childish”, you might say. “I have deadlines to meet and work to do”.

That is the wrong attitude! If we force ourselves to get through something, then it takes tremendously longer to do than if we wanted to do it. You might take pauses here and there, check your social media pages, check your e-mails for the 100th time, watch a little of that show you’ve been putting off. “I’ll get back to it eventually”.

But imagine of that work project you’ve been forcing yourself to slog through, imagine if you were creating a fun art project that you’ve been so excited to finish. You think day and night about just the right colors or just the right angle. You go out of your way to work on it not because you have to, but because you want to. Then after it’s done, you get that feeling of glee as you and others admire your work.

See how different the perspective can be? We all need a little fun and playtime in our lives, even as adults.

I saw a quote today that said: “Playtime inspires learning”. We learn the most when we stop caring what others think and just go out and play! 🙂

Well, that’s about it for this week. I hope you all go out and play today!

Have a great week everyone!