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Hello everyone!

This week’s post is partially based on this post, but I’m adding my own twist to it as well.

So we’ve all heard of the idea of comfort zones and stepping out of the box.

For the purposes of this post, I posed a question to myself: “What if I ever found myself in an unfamiliar place? Who would be there? Would I be able to find my way out?”

For me, it is very out of character to go somewhere unfamiliar. If I know that I have to go somewhere new, I ask someone to come along with me.

I should start off by saying that social events or events that I am expected to attend and look fancy are hard for me to get through. It is hard for me to accept the presence of so many people, and having people that I don’t know or barely know there is difficult for me to handle.

I’ll admit, I am terrible at asking for help and I do everything in my power to avoid people. I’d rather struggle at something myself than ask for assistance.

So if I end up getting lost while driving, I start panicking and pull over to access my phone’s GPS. The possibility of having fun exploring is drowned out by the need to get back to familiar roads. Sometimes my phone’s GPS doesn’t even want to work and I have to guess and hope I get lucky.

But the biggest obstacle in my life as always been my social anxiety and the difficulty of socializing with other people.

Every time I find myself in a social situation, I don’t know what to do. If I am doing something that requires help, I have to suppress the urge to start shaking. The other day, I almost started weeping because I required help with something. Yes, it’s that bad.

I have to keep telling myself that everyone has strengths and weaknesses because human interaction clearly is not my strength.

I know all this is not something I can escape from. I must find some way to slowly but surely make myself comfortable with trusting other people.

If something unexpected or uncomfortable comes up, I try my best to soldier through it, because I know I’m probably not going to work my way out of it.

So that’s about it for this week’s post.

Have a great week everyone!