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Hello everyone!

Yesterday many of us celebrated Thanksgiving with family and loved ones. Many also gave thanks.

Now, many of us are now probably waking up late, taking our time to get the day going. Or we may be out shopping, forgetting all about eating too much turkey.

A thought occurred to me yesterday:

Why do we only use one day a year to give thanks? Can’t we give thanks throughout the year?

I feel that giving thanks and focusing on positives in life is a way of moving forward. We may have a lot of negatives, but as long as we have hope and gratitude, we will make progress.

So even if we feel we are at a standstill in life, we have so much to have gratitude for. We can’t give up!

We must also be considerate of those who do not have friends or family to celebrate with. My heart goes out to everyone who has a hard time during the holidays.

I want my post to be short this week, so I think I will stop here. I hope you all have something to be thankful for on this day.

Have a great week everyone ūüôā