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Hello everyone!

As of late, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by self doubts. I often question my role in life and why I always have feelings of being not useful for anything or anyone.

I’ve felt exasperated and overly angry at everyone and everything for trivial reasons.

And the reason behind all this always comes back full circle: I’m not taking proper care of my wellbeing.

For a lot of us, especially parents, we feel we must take care of others first and ourselves second.

Sometimes we might feel that we aren’t worthy or deserving of happiness.

Finding happiness is a journey. It’s not supposed to happen all at once.

Imagine that for just one day you made yourself top priority. You stopped listening to all the negative thoughts that entered your mind. You cut out all the people who make your life miserable.

One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that we must lead by example. If we show others that happiness and being positive are top priority, then others will see that change and want to apply that to their life.

You are worthy. You are important. You deserve to be happy. Remove yourself from the presence of anyone who tells you otherwise!

Well, that’s about it for this week’s post. Have a great week everyone.