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Hello everyone!

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble making goals. It’s not that I don’t have goals, it’s just the planning out of my goals that has plagued me.

The idea of prosperity has also been out of my grasp. Just what does it take? How does one get there?

A good job that makes lots of money? Not necessarily. There are plenty of people who make lots of money but are miserable.

Getting married and having children? Not necessarily. There are plenty of single people and plenty of people who do not have children who are perfectly happy.

There is no given formula for success. All we can do is live in a way that makes us happy. If a certain aspect of life makes us unhappy, it is always within our power to change it. If we can’t, then we must learn to adapt.

One of the greatest struggles of living is thinking that we are supposed to be a certain something or that we have to live our life in a certain way. No we don’t. Do what feels right for you. That is the only way.

Having goals motivates us to do our best. Making goals we think we can’t achieve only makes us want to achieve them more. There is no goal too great.

Be your best always. Don’t stop short for any reason.

That’s about it for this week’s post. Have a great week everyone ūüôā