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Hello everyone!

In the world of writing, it seems that no matter how many times you polish a piece, it is never perfect.

Sometimes I spend hours looking at a blank screen when writing my posts. Sometimes I delete what I want to say because I feel it wouldn’t make sense to anyone else.

We all strive for our writing to be the best it can be.

However, when we apply that perfection to the rest of our life, it just doesn’t work.

I’ve always felt discontent at the fact that society’s formula for success has always been the same: Get married, have children, own a nice house, have one or more high income jobs to support the family. Don’t forget to add a car or two in there as well.

It’s as if life is meant to be a series of boxes to check off.

In my life, I always get chewed out by my family for not having a higher paying job. They like to tell me what I should be without appreciating what I already am.

We should all strive to be outside of society’s boxes. Just like that imperfect piece of writing, we can all rewrite the course of our lives. We can always learn new things and start over.

Higher paying jobs are nice, of course, but we must also appreciate those who are not in those jobs. Can you imagine what life would be like if there was no one to sell us coffee? If restaurants had no waiters or waitresses?

Even if life isn’t ideal for you right now, you are alive. It only gets better from here on out.

Well, that’s about it for this week’s post.
Have a great week everyone! 🙂