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Hello everyone!

As I was brainstorming ideas for today’s post, a lot of water related words entered my mind. So today’s post will be slightly water themed.

In life, there are times when we become stuck and unable to move forward. We become so uncertain that we end up feeling lost and we may question everything we know. This happens to everyone.

Whenever I think of the water, I always feel comforted. I either picture a beach or I picture being immersed in healing water. I always know that the water isn’t going to hurt me. At these times, all other thoughts don’t exist.

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up when we feel we aren’t doing good enough or if we did something wrong.

Nothing that happens in life is wrong. It all happens for a reason.

If you feel stuck in life, try a different approach. Try something new. Change some small details. Change is a good thing.

Be like the water. Immerse yourself in positive healing thoughts:

“I can do this”. “I am strong”. “I am healthy”. “I am loved”.

Changing from “I can’t/I’m not” to “I can/I am” makes such a huge difference.

Be calm. Be comfortable with yourself. You are worthy. You are loved.

That’s all for this week’s post. Have a great week everyone! ūüôā