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Hello everyone.

I wasn’t really sure of what to post this week, so I decided upon something a little more diary-ish and poetic:


Dear World:

Why all the strife? Wouldn’t it be better just to carry on with life?

What about the mothers? The children? The poor?

In the end aren’t we worth more?


Dear World:

Why the confusion? Is the world really just an illusion?

What about the youth? The immigrants? The lost?

Can’t we get our voice across?


Dear World:

Why all the rage? Are we really meant to be boxed in a cage?

What about the peaceful? The happy? Those full of hope?

Surely they can teach us to cope?


Dear World:

Why so much control? You can’t believe that no one will stick to their role?

What about the enlightened? The confident? The kind?

Can we all seek the truth we are destined to find?




If structures are made to crumble, then surely the must

Even new foundations can be made from dust

There is always a chance to start anew

If only you listen to the voice within you



That’s it for this week’s post. Have a great week everyone!