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Hello everyone!

Sometimes in life, it’s hard to tell whether we are making a difference or not. We try our best and nothing seems to work. Or we may watch the news and think: “Nothing is changing. Everything is going downhill.”

We may harbor feelings of resentment for the world and spend our time lashing out in anger.

If we drown ourselves in negative feelings, those feelings will only intensify. Covering up the feelings with addictive substances doesn’t solve the problem either.

If we feel hurt or broken on the inside, we tend to blame our hurt on others. It makes us feel better to shift the blame.

If we keep feeling negatively about yourself, others, or the world, then it’s time to start looking at you.

If you start to untangle all those knotted feelings, then you will find the real source of the problem. It will help you shift your perspective and see the world in a new way.

And in time, your life will switch gears into positivity and happiness; a reversal in fortunes.

It’s so easy to feel weak and powerless and like we aren’t worthy of goodness, but we definitely are.

Once we feel happy, we feel like we can do anything. And that’s the greatest feeling.

So on this glorious day, go forth and find your happiness. Do activities you enjoy and don’t let anything negative get to you.

On this blessed day,
You have the final say
In the bliss you will find
The negativity left behind.

Have a great day and a great week everyone. ūüôā