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Hello everyone!

Are there ever times when you try so hard to achieve something and it just doesn’t work out?

If we experience this we may think we failed in some way or else it would have worked.

Part of this belief comes from “black and white” thinking: Either there is success or there is failure. Nothing else. No in-between.

We become so consumed in reaching success that we don’t appreciate the road it takes to get there.

What if we never reached the end?

Barring extraordinary circumstances, there are some journeys in life that don’t really have an ending: being a parent and being married, just to name a few.

We may get frustrated during these journeys at times, but it would be hard to say that we wish the journey didn’t happen at all.

In the process of life, we are always growing and learning. Even if we encounter unexpected turns, it all happens for a reason, even if we aren’t aware of that reason.

It’s like all the old scruffy parts of ourselves fall away and is replaced by something clean and pure.

Life is difficult to measure in terms of quantity. Sure we can say “I’m going to save this much money.” “I’m going to retire at this age.” “I hope I live until old age.” “I hope I reach my goal by this age.”

The world is not absolute. So much can happen that any quantities can be disregarded for any reason.

We all want to live happily and comfortably. A lot of people worry so much about time and money that they don’t go out and live a little.

If something is meant to happen, then time and money won’t be an issue.

Don’t succumb to the many stresses in life. Make your life great. Take time to enjoy the little things. Take extra time in the morning to drink your coffee/tea/beverage and notice how great it tastes. Notice how great you feel afterwards. Give yourself extra time to walk/drive/commute to work in the morning and appreciate the world around you. Give thanks that you are in good health and able to do so.

We have so much to live for, if only we stop and appreciate it.

That’s all for this week’s post. Have a great day and a great week everyone 🙂