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Hello everyone!

Far too often, we adults tend to have a mentality of “all work no play”. We think play is a realm reserved solely for children. We feel we are “too mature” for such things or we feel playtime is solely for playing with our children if we are parents.

This mentality is harmful.

So many people don’t dedicate any time to themselves. This leads to feeling lost and depressed. Eventually this may lead to self medicating. It’s so sad that so many people feel that they can’t function or have fun without consuming drugs or alcohol.

Cast aside all your stresses and look at yourself for a minute.

When is the last time you went to a beach? An amusement park? A nature walk?

If you don’t remember, then don’t be afraid to put aside some time to do something fun!

When we go through life, we must view it through the eyes of a child. We must treat every experience as new and exciting, even if it’s something we’ve seen before.

New experiences and discoveries are enriching. If we treat it as old news, then we are missing out on so much.

This week, I hope you all go out and have fun or make plans to. ūüôā

Have a great week everyone.