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Hello everyone!

There are times in life when we may act a specific way because we may be conscious of what others think of us. Or we may think acting in a certain manner would be “foolish”, “childish”, “embarrassing”, or “illogical”.

For just one day, what if we discarded those kinds of thoughts? What if one day we just decided to act like a child and discard our adult persona?

I don’t mean pouting and throwing temper tantrums. I mean doing activities normally associated to children.

Go to the beach and build a sand castle. Take a nap. Go to the park and giggle to your heart’s delight. Or take the day to play with your children if you’re a parent.

The truth is, the more we live out our adult lives, the more we forget the simple joys of life.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I sometimes get excited when it rains because the rain is soothing to me.

So even if you had a bad day, be like a child. Take that nap. It’s okay. If you feel emotional, that’s okay too.

Adults need time to play and relax just like children do.

I always feel the most at ease when I am at play because I shed off any negative feelings and end up feeling invigorated.

This week, find every opportunity to go out and play! Your inner child will thank you for it.

Have a great week everyone.