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Hello everyone!

Whenever I see pictures of how majestic our world is, I’m always left with a feeling of awe. There is just so much beauty everywhere.

I’m always filled with both anxiety and excitement whenever the opportunity to go somewhere new comes up.

Yesterday, I decided to take a trip. It wasn’t a long trip, it was just a few towns over from me. I had passed by this spot via car more than once, but I’ve never stopped to explore it. I read that it’s a good Pokemon GO area, so I wanted to see for myself.

I ended up having a great time. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. I kept on walking down the sidewalks, collecting items and Pokemon on my journey. I also bumped into a bunch of fellow GO players on my journey.

At the end of the sidewalks was a cute area with a bunch of stops and a gym. A lot of players were gathered there just relaxing and catching Pokemon. I stayed there for a while and allowed myself to enjoy the day before I had to leave.

So yesterday taught me an important lesson: exploration is essential part of being alive. It’s always been ingrained in me that I must go out and explore whenever possible, and not just because of Pokemon GO, although that helps.

Life is full of possibilities. We much enrich both body and mind by expanding our horizons. Don’t let fear stop you from doing anything. Go out and live!

Well, that’s about it from me this week. Have a great week everyone. 😃