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Hello everyone!

In my life, I am always asking myself so many questions: “What does this event mean?” “Why is life so confusing?” “Why can’t I find all the answers to life’s questions?”

I keep searching, turning over every possibility in my mind. I never seem to get closer to an answer. I always beat myself up over not knowing.

In life we are all searching for something: a partner, a job, a house, and whatever else we feel we need.

We may have a lot of obstacles in our way. We may feel frustrated at our lack of progress.

Whenever I ask myself all of life’s deeper questions, I eventually make a realization: Aren’t I tired of over thinking everything? Isn’t there a solution already deep inside somewhere?

Then I eventually realize that we are all our own worst enemy. We are merely sabotaging ourselves.

It may seem easier to just rush through life all the time. We all have things to do and places to be after all. Whenever we move too quickly, we are bound to make mistakes.

Take your time. The world isn’t going to stop just because you decide to take a break. 

It’s okay to not know all the answers. Life is a journey. It wouldn’t be much fun if we knew everything!

So have fun in life. Don’t stress out so much. Don’t over analyze. Everything will eventually become clear, so just enjoy the process.

Have a great week everyone 😃