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Hello everyone!

For my entire life, I’ve always carried a mentality that I must never tell other people my problems. I try to convince myself that I would be burdening them and that no one would understand what I’m telling them. Even in my blog posts, I do my best to limit me talking about myself for this reason.

If we face a problem in life, it is easier to say “I can do this on my own. I don’t need help.”

If we had all the answers on our own, then we wouldn’t have any problems in the first place! No man or woman was ever meant to shoulder life by themselves.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Actually, it is a sign of strength because we are admitting that something isn’t working. Realizing there is a problem is the first step towards a solution.

Life is a challenge. It is rough and full of holes. Some are meant to be solved by ourselves. However, it is our combined life experiences that allow us to overcome the impossible.

However agonizing it may be, it is our connection with others (or lack of) that makes us who we are.

If you ever feel lost and question your purpose in life, just remember that there are many others who feel or have felt the same way. Something you experienced may be just what someone else needs to hear in order for them to move forward.

Life cannot be lived without taking any kind of risks. Talking to people is one of the biggest risks we can take. Trust is one of the strongest feelings we have.

We cannot live without trust. We must always trust in the outcome of life and everything will work out.

Though we often hear about doom and gloom in today’s world, I believe that the world is ultimately good. We all want to ensure that the world is stable and safe to live in, both for ourselves and for future generations. It is the goodness of the world that keeps us going. It is the kindness of others that helps us take a step forward. Without people, life would be a very dark place. So even if you are in that dark place, you can still help someone else out of the darkness. Don’t give up hope because there is a way out.

Have a great week everyone.