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Hello everyone!

I’ll be honest with you all. I had no ideas for this week’s post. And so, as not to neglect posting, I will just improvise with a poem. I believe in this instance, a poem will speak better than I would be able to…


The words of the stone-faced God

The words of stone

Wait in silence

Upon that stoic throne


Here it lies

The cold and distant eyes

Looking to the east

with a brow so creased



so tired and cold

brush away flakes

of a storm foretold


Proudly they walked

with heads held high

pointing frozen fists

towards the sky


“Of stronger stuff

we are made

With this

we cannot be delayed


We can take

whatever you give

Our spirits

they will not break”


The stone-faced God

his heart once still

had been entrusted

with a new will


As he felt himself fall apart

Unable to bear the weight of his heart

As for tears, he had none

With his dying breath, he uttered one word:




With frigid fright

The wanderers saw the new morning light

And gave silent thanks to the one

who bestowed upon them the blessed sun