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Hello everyone!

There are many definitions of beauty. We may think that beauty only exists in appearance.

However, that is only a small fragment.

It exists not only in everything around us, but also in life itself.

Every aspect of life exists in harmony. Every person, every place, every culture and lifestyle all connect together to form an imperfect whole.

We are not perfect. We all have ugliness that we hide from the world. We all struggle.

It is within life’s challenges that we find the hidden light within.

We must learn to find acceptance. Not only of ourselves, but of life and everyone in it.

When we push past our limits, we begin to grow. We begin to learn who we really are. We can be at peace with ourselves.

The world may be an ugly place, but if we all work towards finding our light, then the world becomes much less ugly.

There is beauty in everything. There is beauty in nothing. There is beauty in everything in-between.

We may constantly hear stories about violence, hatred, and greed from the media. These stories serve as a lesson. It is not worth it to live with such angry and bitter feelings.

Instead, we must take care of ourselves. We must do what we love to do. We must improve the world in our own way, a little at a time.

Imagine each person having a small fragment of the world’s beauty. Once each person found their truth, their fragment connects together with all the other fragments, forming a puzzle of sorts. The puzzle may be incomplete, but together it can be solved, one piece at a time.

Have a great week everyone.