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Hello everyone!

For today’s post, I decided to read through the blog posts of others and find a word that stuck out to me to expand upon.

The word I chose was “sunglasses”.

Whenever I think of sunglasses, I think of someone relaxing at a beach. They have no cares and are just enjoying every moment of being there.

But once we leave that beach, we become consumed by all the stresses of everyday life.

Why is it that we can only feel truly relaxed once we remove ourselves from life’s hustle and bustle? We act as if work and play cannot coexist, like happiness can only exist in moments of escape.

Happiness is a state of mind. If we constantly stress out over every single detail, it takes a toll. If we complain about something negative, it only makes the situation worse.

If we can’t change something, we must learn to adapt or remove ourselves from the situation.

When I was young, I always had the perception that happiness means that we must be free from all the negative aspects of life. I thought that everyone was somehow supposed to have a grasp on life and what they wanted out of it pretty early on.

Then I became an adult and nothing made sense! It seemed that the more I tried to make sense of it, the harder it became to understand.

I still have the tendency to be harsh on myself when I am not doing anything. If I need to rest, I try to make it as short as possible before finding something else to do.

As you can imagine, I never feel well rested.

I believe that if we expect too much of ourselves, then we get burned out.

The solution to happiness is somewhere in between. It is learning how to properly balance one’s needs with one’s desires. We can’t really eliminate all negative aspects of life, but we can learn how to brush them off or live with them.

If that entails putting on some sunglasses and going to the beach, then do it! Do what you need to do and don’t let anyone else deter you.

It is never too early or too late to do something. Go out and do it before you are unable to.

Have a wonderful week everyone.