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When the light comes down

for another day

Do we be happy?

Or do we wish it away?


Babbling brooks

and wavering waves

serve to change order

in which our baskets are laid


and so

shimmering across the sand

is the glorious sun

seeking a playmate for its fun


land sea and stone

all the world’s a home

a wealth of sanctuary

for those who might be weary


Does the sun ever wish

it could turn into a fish?

My head is filled with wishes

it’s not a question of riches


woe not to the mind

who only seeks to find

his own way of things

to see what destiny brings


If we all walk

the way that is best

Will the world be free of stress?

Will we finally rest?


When the light comes down

at the end of the day

Can we sleep soundly?

Making peace for today?