The Chase 


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When the chase becomes a race 

An endless infinity we face 

To live up to the expectations 

And crippling rationalization 
Intoxicating promises 

To avoid feeling powerless 

Jumping through hoops 

And crossing loops 
Let’s dot the I

So that our eyes 

May find pleasure in seeing 

A false sense of being 
That we should find solace 

From something outside us 

A cause that is lost 

With too high a cost 
Open your heart 

Because life is not over 

Create new meaning 

And new ways of being 
Live with love 

And remember each trial 

For every step takes us toward

A sense of revival 


Can I get a chance 


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Can I get a chance?

To start a second dance 

Living inside the dream 

Creating new means 

Of reality 

The first step creates 

A wide open space 

Of one’s own mind 

A wealth of creativity you will find 
And so the burden goes 

To those of us who chose 

To create new art 

So near and dear to our hearts 
But persist we must 

In ourselves we must trust 

To create the melody

Of that which is to be 

From the start to the end 


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From the start to the end 

Life will twist and bend 

But with hope and change 

Life will rearrange 
Drawing on the strength 

of the world to great lengths 

The dark light disperses 

To open up new verses 
Hand in hand 

Life to life 

We must work with others

and end the strife 
Fighting and conflict 

Can only constrict 

Let go of the cancer 

And find your own answer 
From the start to the end

We are all human 

Poisoned by division 

But with a hopeful vision 

Of life 

Of peace 

Of unity that is always 

Within reach


The sun is shining through 


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The sun is shining through 

It finds its way to you 

Soon everything will be okay 

And the morning comes 

For another day 
In spite of the night 

You stand and fight 

against the sorrows 

To make better tomorrows

Is not a mistake 

It gives us lessons 

For us to take 
The sun is shining through 

Now it’s up to you 

To move ahead 

And push past the dread 

To live 


This is not an easy answer 


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To be happy 

To be free 

Living life 

The way we want to be 

This is not an easy answer 
Days, years, and eons may pass 

Problems we can see amass

But still.

We go ever higher 

Not letting anything stifle our desire 
It is there 

In the midst of dusk 

That we see 

The shriveled old husk 

Is not an easy answer 

But dead weight 

Festers like cancer 
As we live and breathe 

We reach ever greater heights 

If only we stop living 

In the shade of night 
Dreams are made to be followed 

Not taken 

Live life always 

So that calling may awaken 

I have to be the only one 


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I have to be the only one 

Who grabs the shining golden sun 

Then I have won 

And everything will be done
When the mind sleeps 

Tranquility it keeps 

In knowing that life 

Is no longer full of strife 
Oh how you have climbed 

To the very edge of time 

And so you atone 

For the life you lived alone 
Did you even try 

To muster up a cry

For help and salvation 

To all of creation 
When the sun shines anew

Let it grab you 

And give you a hand 

So you will understand 


Is not 



The only one 

Between the ages 


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Between the ages 

Are dozens of pages 

Of forgotten stories 

And unsung glories 
But published on paper 

Words tall and proud 

We cling to their worth 

Until they no longer work 
So we walk and walk and walk 

And then we lose the wheel 

With no other way forward 

We have to strike a new chord 
We may not know 

what it takes to go 

But if we take a step 

Life no longer seems bereft 
If we forgive 

Our inability to live 

We will find 

We have so much to give 
And with the newly minted book 

With glittered gold pages 

Is a new adventure 

Read by all ages 

Outside the circle 


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Outside the circle of everything 

The steady cries of freedom ring 

When failure comes and failure goes 

The price we paid? God only knows.
When we sit upon the spire 

We wish to climb ever higher 

Lofty springboards and ambitions

Are robbed by our war of attrition 
When the splitting stream 

Steals someone’s dream 

Do they silently agree?

Or do they need 

To count life’s every misdeed?
When we touch bottom 

Each stone and pebble so worn 

It is by the Earth 

That a tattered soul be reborn 
It’s ok
The past is done 

The horizon before us 

A new place to run 

I am not a problem 


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I am not a problem 

Just because I am the one 

That isn’t like you 

And doesn’t think like you do 
Not having a good day 

And numbing the feelings away 

Should not be cause

To put life on pause 
Put down the bottle 

And go fight your battles

I won’t be here waiting 

While you sit down debating 
I am not a problem 

Because I chose to live 

Because living with you 

Left me with nothing 

Left to give 

The Sea


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It is said

the sea

can always see

that which is free

If you believe


Like the waves

we go for days

waxing and waining

part of life’s beautiful painting


But sometimes we fall

and lose it all

and lose sight

of a greater height


to live

is to let go

it doesn’t matter

if we don’t fully know


it is by living

and the act of giving

that we may see

the message of the sea:


keep going

regardless of what comes next

because life always

knows what’s best